Mobile Communication Networks  aims to study the architectures and protocols of mobile and wireless networks that support ubiquitous communication and computation. Therefore, we want to characterize the essential aspects of mobile communication systems and to analyze typical architectures and protocols improving the student's knowledge on communication networks.

2007/12/12- The hard deadline for project's demos is friday, Dec. 21st, 12:00h AM.

2007/12/10- Visit to PTCom Picoas's center is scheduled for next week (17th to 21st). Please enroll for this visit with Diogo Monica

2007/12/08 - Next Talks by invited speakers on the 13th and 20th

2007/10/08 - Lab's assignment (part I)  is available here.

2007/10/08 - Lab groups partially formed. Please contact the sudent Diogo Monica if your group is not in the lab's list